Realign your body and your life with BodyTalk holistic therapy!

Your body is designed to heal itself.  When all the parts and systems of your body communicate with each other, healing happens naturally

Upcoming Classes

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BodyTalk Access

The BodyTalk Access class is a one day seminar that provides lay people and professionals with a simple and effective 10-minute set of energy-based techniques designed to deal with all types of health challenges for anyone of any age. You will learn a sequence that brings about balance and communication in the body and mind with the help of easy hand positions, light touching and tapping, and deep breathing.  For more information on Access, click here

Who would benefit from taking BodyTalk Access? To learn more about the benefits of Access, click here



MindScape is a fascinating weekend workshop, and many participants attest to it as one of the most interesting courses they have attended. It can be learned by anyone, with no previous experience or pre-requisites necessary for attending the course. For more information on Mindscape, click here


BodyTalk Fundamentals

BodyTalk Fundamentals provides a comprehensive introduction to the BodyTalk System and presents many powerful consciousness-based healing techniques that address a wide variety of symptoms on all levels of the body and mind. For more information on Fundamentals, click here


BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration

This course is designed to help BodyTalk students refine their skills in the practical aspects of BodyTalk Fundamentals. For more information on Fundamentals Integration, click here


Becoming a Certified Practitioner

The process of becoming a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) is not difficult, but there are a few steps to the process. To learn more, click here