Animals in the Family


The BodyTalk system enables us to balance the physical, emotional and environmental experiences of humans as well of animals, both domestic and wild.

A BodyTalk for Animals session compliments the vet’s treatment. It accelerates healing, deals with stress, fear and separation anxiety that might have been caused by a visit to the vet or a stay at a kennel, or by being newly adopted into a family.

BodyTalk for Animals offers a unique approach to animal health and well-being by involving the owner, or entire family, in the sessions. The bonds between humans and the animals with whom they cohabitate are tremendous. Many animals take on physical, emotional and energetic stresses of their human companions. BodyTalk sessions offer a unique experience in which the connection between you and your companion is acknowledged and honoured. While the session will focus on the animal, many people report feeling a sense of well-being in them, as well, after a BodyTalk session for your Animal.

Animals usually respond more quickly to BodyTalk sessions than humans. In the sessions, food allergies, intolerances, toxins, pre- and post operation support, bacteria, viruses, parasites, musculo-skeletal problems, behavioural problems and more can be addressed.

A session can also have a favourable effect on the bond between the owner and his pet. It can enhance performance in the show ring too.

While doing a BodyTalk for Animals session there is no direct hands-on contact to ensure the safety of the animal and of the practitioner.

If you are not able to visit the practitioner with your animal because the distance is too far or your animal doesn’t like travelling, the BodyTalk practitioner can do a remote session. This works on the discovery that every human and every animal has a unique frequency. A BodyTalker has had training how to tune into that unique frequency. The results of a remote session are as amazing as a session done in person.

BodyTalk is meant to be a COMPLIMENTARY practice to veterinary care and not a replacement, whereas a BodyTalk practitioner does not diagnosis or prescribe.